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Build a new home with an expert Realtor

Build a new home with my assistance which is free to you.  Most all of the large Corporate Builders pay a Realtor compensation for representing a buyer client building a newly constructed home.  My Realtor services do not affect the amount you pay for the new home, the builder has a marketing / slush fund established to pay the Realtor.  The builders actually welcome us Realtors as we are a large source of business for them.  Some builders obtain 50-70% of all there build jobs through a Realtor.

I come from the building industry and I have acted as a builder myself in the past.  I have a lot of insight to offer a client. I can help clients avoid making bad decisions that will cost them a lot of money down the road when they try to re-sale the home.  When building a home it's important to look at all the factors involved.  I provide knowledgeable advice to many factors that a typical client wouldn't even think about.  Call me before your first meeting with the builder as they prefer I make and / or come with you to the first appointment.  If you go alone, just simply give them my name and they will register me as your agent and I can go with you to the next appointment to help you make decisions and eventually sign contracts.  I will then work on your behalf up to the closing date.


Mike Stailey

Realtor Building Expert